Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Super Mashers with Chicken and Green Chili Hash

This week I have revisited Rachel Ray's 365: No Repeats. I prepared recipe number 144: Super Mashers with Chicken and Green Chili Hash. Now I am a huge fan of anything green chili, so this seemed like the perfect dinner... chicken, green chilies, mashed potatoes. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint (except for the fact that I dumped the leftovers all over the kitchen floor, that was disappointing).

Every layer in this dish was full of flavor. You start with a layer of garlic and scallion mashed potatoes; add a layer of sharp cheddar cheese; and top it with chicken, bell peppers, onions and green chili strips seasoned with green chili salsa. It was like a fajita in mashed potatoes instead of a tortilla! To change it up a bit, you could stuff a baked potato or fill a tortilla with the same ''hash''. YUM!

This recipe is one of a variation on a theme. She has what she calls a master recipe and then makes a couple more featuring a few different ingredients. Same basic dish with different flavors. I can't wait to try the other variations!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Here's a quick little Thanksgiving project for the little ones who will be joining you for dinner. Take a large Styrofoam ball, cut it in half (thru the middle). Paint it brown. Take a smaller Styrofoam ball, also paint it brown. Two google eyes, a red balloon and a piece of orange craft foam cut out in the shape of a beak make the face (either use hot glue or craft glue). Take the sharp tip of a pencil and pierce holes along the back deep enough to fit the crayons in. Voila! Cute and easy!

Pattern and idea from: 100 Days of Holidays Newsletter (it's free)!