Friday, October 22, 2010

An Ode to Fall

A fall inspired work in progress...

Fall is in full tilt in the Pacific Northwest with it's brisk breezes and fiery colors. This really is my favorite time of year. All my senses are heightened and I feel like I can accomplish and enjoy more. Summer is always so fast with places to go and people to see; winter makes you want to hide in your cozy hole; and spring is so unpredictable. But fall... is fresh and colorful. My husband and I spent two years living in New Mexico, where the seasons were Hot and Windy, I didn't know I could miss seasons so much, especially fall. My only complaint is the days are now getting shorter, and all those six and eight legged creatures are trying to find a cozy place to wait out the winter. Ick.

I read a great article/blog post this morning. You can find it here. It is all about finding creative ways to use your brain, change your routine, and be creative. What a lot of great ideas. There isn't anything tough or weird in it, but I think it's a great start to making your life a little more satisfying. There are two of the things in that article that I am thinking about implementing into my daily happenings... but that is for another day.

On a personal note, I have some creativity simmering away right now. A sewing project that will hopefully be done by Halloween, a couple of gifts in the works, a whole slew of cards to make, and a delicious dinner on the way. I also have a few finished objects that I can't wait to share.

With that, I am off to the farmer's market. It's the last one of the season...

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