Monday, February 28, 2011


Last week was a good one for crafting.  I've challenged myself to do a little bit of crafting everyday.  I want to spend about an hour working on something, with the goal of finishing it, or at least getting a good handle on it in that time.  It doesn't really matter what I make, as long as it gets the creative juices flowing.  I'll try to do a weekly update every Sunday to share what I've done!

My creative week started on Tuesday:
I did a little bit of ''art'', if you want to call it that :)  This is a 2 inch ceramic pot that I colored with a silver sharpee.  My son got in on the action and colored one of his own.  Were going to get some small flower seeds, plant them, and watch them grow.

I did a little bit of beading.  The body is a straight jewelry pin and the wings are wire that are just twisted around the body.  I love the beads: the body beads look tye-dyed and the wings are alternating seed beads in bright rainbow colors!

 I quilled a birthday card for my Granny.  She turns 80 this month!  Wow!  I love the effect of quilling.  It is simple to do, and you can really create a lot with the little paper shapes. 

I made some more beaded dragonflies, although I forgot to take pictures before they were sent off to friends!  They were made with the same beads as above.

The weekend was (and often will be) devoted to knitting.  I always have something on the needles, so it's easy to grab and go for all that weekend business!

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