Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 31

My final day in the 31 Day Challenge was great.  Again, I used someone else's recipe so I won't actually write it out.  I highly recommend checking it out though, it was tasty and totally awesome because it was made in the slow cooker!  It was a meal inspired by the fast food joint Panda Express.  I served my chicken over brown rice with a couple of pot stickers on the side.  Chinese "Take-In"!

Orange Chicken

Well, I'm finished.  I'm kind of going through withdrawls.  I spent the last 31 days really thinking about what I was putting in front of my family.  It was fun and challenging.  Was it tough?  Yeah, but I'd totally do it again.  Maybe you'll join me next year?

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  1. Well done!!! So happy to have been your taste tester on some of the recipes