Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Grand Slam

We definitely started off on the right foot! Last night was the first dish and it was excellent! Monday is Family Dinner Night- my parents, bro, and family friend all came over. I made Prosciutto, Garlic, and Herb Cheese Stuffed Chicken with Tarragon Pan Sauce. Yum! I have to admit I probably would have never chosen this had I been to my own devices, but man am I glad I did!

First, you pound out the chicken breasts until they are as thin as you can stand (I am not so patient so they were pretty thin not super thin). Then you spread prosciutto and garlic and herb cheese on top, roll 'em up and pan cook them. To top it all off you make a pan sauce with white wine and tarragon. Phew! We had asparagus and rice pilaf to go with. And of course some vino too! I think I'm going to have a full house every time I cook now!
I calculated the cost of the meal and it came out to $27.50 which ended up being $5.58 a plate- not bad for dinner for six people.
After our bellies were filled the boys were off to watch the basketball play-offs, and the girls went to work knitting cupcakes- Adorable and calorie-free!
Until next time... happy eating!

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