Wednesday, May 5, 2010

price shopper...

I am in awe of myself right now!

I just got back from the grocery store -I had to get the stuff for tonight and tomorrow's dinners. I made a list, grabbed my reusable shopping bags, and The Tot and off we went. Would you like to guess how much I spent? $15.65! For two meals! Granted I didn't have to buy any meat for the dishes since I had exactly what I needed in the freezer, but come on! I'm very impressed! I was so excited in fact that I had to call The Hubs as soon as I got home to share the news (A typical grocery stop for me is at least $30- if I'm lucky). I'm curious if this cooking thing is actually going to save me some mo-lah when all is said and done...

Anyway, I have to go uncover my child from his lunch which he decided would be more fun to paint on himself rather than eat. Who knew spaghetti could be so much fun (anyone who's had a two year old, that's who!)?

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