Thursday, May 20, 2010


So, really. I haven't been cooking. This week has been nuts. Most of the nights this week I have had other plans around the dining hour, so my boys have been left to fend for themselves. Thank goodness for leftovers!

I have, however, been knitting (I'm always knitting) so how about a little show and tell? Right now my obsession has been socks. I love how you can take a wad of string (usually what it looks like after my cats or son has gotten a hold of it) and a couple of sticks and make something functional and fun. The possibilities are endless! And you know it will be something you can use when you're finished.

I completed a pair this weekend (it only took a handful of days from start to finish), and can't wait to make the next pair! You can find the pattern here:
The yarn is Felici by Knit Picks in the color Coney Island (which has since been discontinued) and I only had to use one skein for the pair. Sweet!

Happy knitting!

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