Thursday, May 6, 2010

Two for Two

Dinner number two was last night: Turkey Stroganoff Noodle Toss (recipe 341 in Rachel Ray's 365: No Repeats) and the Red Caraway Cabbage from recipe 132. I believe this meal was a success, although not nearly as high on the list as Monday's dinner (the family was still raving about that one!). Definitely would do this again, especially the cabbage. I don't know what it is about cooked cabbage, but I love it! It's sweet and tender, and with the addition of red wine vinegar and granny smith apples, tart and tangy as well! Dinner totaled at $11.10 (including the meat) which for five ended up at $2.22 a head! Sweet!

One thing I have to say about Rachel's dinners is you can certainly feed a crowd. This dinner was supposed to feed 4, and we could feed four at least twice! In fact, the leftover cabbage is going to a pot-luck dinner tonight!
Happy Eating!

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